Welcome at Checker Demon Tattoos:

We are proud to offer you high quality work from some of the most talented artists over the last 2 decades.Checker Demon specialises in
personalised tattoos for each client,designs that are created for each person individually.

Luke Atkinson and Chris work together in a friendly comfortable studio that is always ready to help with any questions.

Ichibay,Jens,Luke,Lobo and Lolly,Yutaro,Blaise and Owen at Checker Demon,having a laugh!


Attention to Hygiene is of the utmost importance for our Clientel and Artists alike. Needles,colours and caps,and any other items used only once during the practice of tattooing are all disposed of. Any Instruments that are used again are throroughly cleaned in an Ultrasonic and then strerilised in an Autoclave Steriliser,eliminating any risk of contamination.These are the tubes used to hold the needles and colour.

We follow strict local Health Regulations and test our equipment every 6 months,as required by the Health Authority.

Arbeitsplatz bei Checker Demon Tattoos


Scheduling appointments can be done via e-mail, you can use our contact form, when from further afar,or we strongly recommend clients interested in work to pay a visit and meet the artist in person.Depending on the design etc,we will do our best to point you in the right direction with anyone working at Checker Demon Tattoos. You will need a minimum deposit of 200€ and for larger work more.The deposit will be subtracted from
the final appointment.

Any cancellations must be made minimum 24 hours in advance,or you loose your deposit. Deposits are valid for up to a year and are non refundable.

Zeichnung von Luke Atkinson


The time after leaving the studio is important for the solid healing of your new tattoo. The following day the bandage should be removed and the tattoo washed thoroughly. carefully pat the tattoo dry with a clean towel.Wait an hour and apply a thin layer of Hustlebutter (or Pathenol cream),massaging into the tattoo with clean hands. Avoid bathing,swimming or any soaking of the Tattoo in chlorinated water until healed. Showering and washing is of course important and no problem. Continue to apply cream 3-4 times daily,a very thin layer and massage sofly into the tattoo. No solariums or direct sunlight for at least 10 days. Do not pick and scratch at the tattoo.

And finally please avoid any tattoo specialists in your vicinity that might know better.

Bild des Studios bei Checker Demon Tattoos