Guest Artists

Joao Bosco

Joao Bosco

Joao Bosco from Brazil,working in London.Check our blog for future can see more from Joao Bosco on Facebook:

Tattoos von Joao Bosco:



We are happy to introduce Zoio from Brazil,a great guy confident in all styles of custom can check out more of Zoio on Facebook:

Tattoos von Zoio:



Yutaro is moving to Europe,so keep your eyes posted for visits to Stuttgart… You can find out more about Yutaro on Facebook:

Tattoos von Yutaro:


Ichibay works with us on a regular basis over the years,keep an eye out on the Blog for the next visit.You can find his book“Ichibay Japanese Tattoo Designs“ here at Checker Demon Press.:
Tattoos von Ichibay:

Isaac Fainkujen

Isaac Fainkujen
Isaac has been a regular visitor at the studio for a number of years,please keep an eye out for this amazing artist in action… You can find more info on Isaac on Facebook:

Tattoos von Isaac Fainkujen:

Owen Williams

Owen Williams tattooed by Luke Atkinson
Owen Williams from Melbourne is a sought after artist from downunder,he has travelled the world extensively and made an impressive mark on the tattoo world…. You can find out more about Owen on Intstagram:

Tattoos von Owen Williams:

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