Guest Artists

Junior Goussain

Our friend Junior will be visiting us once again, don`t miss this opportunity to get tattooed by this wizard from Brazil.

Tattoos von Junior

David Yeghiayan

We are happy to have David Yeghiayan of „PURE VISION TATTOOS“ from Beirut as a Guest Artist.
David is confident in many areas of design,very precise and clean work.

Tattoos from David Yeghiayan

Chris Rushmer

Chris Rushmer has been tattooing for 16 years,and currently works in Amsterdam at „Blue Blood Studios“. For more please check instagram:

Tattoos von Chris Rushmer

Joao Bosco

Joao Bosco

Joao Bosco from Brazil,working in London.Check our blog for future can see more from Joao Bosco on Facebook:

Tattoos von Joao Bosco:



We are happy to introduce Zoio from Brazil,a great guy confident in all styles of custom can check out more of Zoio on Facebook:

Tattoos von Zoio:



Yutaro is moving to Europe,so keep your eyes posted for visits to Stuttgart… You can find out more about Yutaro on Facebook:

Tattoos von Yutaro:


Ichibay works with us on a regular basis over the years,keep an eye out on the Blog for the next visit.You can find his book“Ichibay Japanese Tattoo Designs“ here at Checker Demon Press.:
Tattoos von Ichibay:

Owen Williams

Owen Williams tattooed by Luke Atkinson
Owen Williams from Melbourne is a sought after artist from downunder,he has travelled the world extensively and made an impressive mark on the tattoo world…. You can find out more about Owen on Intstagram:

Tattoos von Owen Williams:

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