Jens Schnettler

Bild von Jens Schnettler Tattoo Artist bei Checker Demon Tattoos
Jens Schnettler is a confident draughtsman and painter that came into the tattoo world 7 years ago.Jens approached Luke Atkinson to share a look into some sketchbooks of his drawings.

Luke knew immeadiately that Jens was something special, there was a quality there that could grow. Jens is interested in Music, has played in bands and painted with oils, formerly having worked in a comic shop he has been inspired from many kinds of artwork.

Jens is versatile in his work, and has risen to a level of tattooing that many are keen to get, Specialising in Tradtional ideas Jens is very comfortable at approaching nearly every tattoo style. Check out the photo´s of his work for yourself.

Tattoos Jens